describe the element and compond being mined

    Kimberley’s demeaning closed compound system - Mining Weekly- describe the element and compond being mined ,In 1885, 15 years after diamonds were first mined at Kimberley, mining companies began to introduce a system of closed compounding to house their black labour force. Essentially, closed compounds ...Is coal an element or a compound - Answers.comCoal is definitely not an element. Nor is coal a compound. Coal is a mixture. It is composed of compounds of carbon and hydrogen mainly. Coal is the remains of dead plant life which has been under ...

  • describe the elements and compound being mined

    A compound is a substance that has two or more chemical elements whose atoms are bonded . that describe the potentially millions of different chemical compounds. . evaporating seawater, although it can be mined from the ground as well.

  • Is a diamond a element or compound -

    Actually a diamond is an object not an element. The element is carbon and the carbon molecules combine under extreme conditions to form a diamond. This …

  • What are the compounds found in coal? - Quora

    One of the most widespread compounds in coal is known as Anthracene. Coal that primarily has this is known as Anthracite coal. In Pennsylvania’s Tamaqua region, Anthracite coal was widely mined.